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J&K Pi Family Foundation

Founded by Jerry and James Pi in 2003, the J&K Pi Family Foundation is a success story of the American Dream. Jerry and James believe strongly in giving back to the community and providing opportunities to others. In the years since inception, the Foundation has grown into one of the largest private Asian-American family foundations in New York City. Both Jerry and James take pride in taking a pro-active role in promoting social, cultural, and economic growth.

The Pi Family has contributed to over 100 charities and  raised over $15 million since inception. Both Jerry and James strongly believe in the necessity to give back to the community and to help improve the many societal and economic challenges in New York City. The Foundations operates with minimum expenses and no overhead administrative  staffing expenses. The Pi Family believes all contributions should be made directly to serve the purpose of philanthropies for maximum effectiveness and use.

The Foundation funds programs that are comprehensive, community-based and preventive in nature. The scope of programs funded include racial and ethnic respect, social peace, cultural understanding, anti-discrimination, senior services, dedication to the health and sciences and improved standard of living. The Foundation believes that these objectives can be achieved only through the fullest implementation of social, economic, political, civil and cultural rights for all people.

The Pi Family Foundation funds mainly U.S.-based Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. The primary geographic scope of coverage will be the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. 

The Foundation generally gives both one-year grants and multi-year grants. All multi-year grants are  subject to annual review and ethical compliance. The Pi Family Foundation expects all non-profit partners to operate in a professional, constructive and ethical business manner. Grants may be postponed or rescinded anytime should the non-profits fail to maintain a high standard of excellence and business integrity. Grants generally range from $5,000 and up, but smaller grants may be available.


Over $200,000

New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell

China Aids Fund

Columbia University

National Taiwan Ocean University

CPC Queens Nan Shan Senior Center

$50,000 to $200,000

American Cancer Society

National Women's League of NY

New York Downtown Hospital

New York University

Chinese-American Planning Council

Garden of Hope

National Kidney Foundation

New York Queens Hospital 

$25,000 to $75,000

Asian American Federation

Asian American Business Dev. Center

Child Center of New York

Chess In The Schools

Chinese Cancer Memorial Foundation

Committee of 100

Ellis Island Honor Society

Life Education Center

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Organization of Chinese-Americans NY

Queens Center for Progress

Tzu Chi Foundation

Wheelchair Foundation